Multicultural Consulting

Bob Kumaki

Managing Principal

The Ronin wonga payday loan Group

One of the most sought-after, yet least understood targets in the U.S. is the Asian Pacific American market. The Ronin Group is arguably one of the foremost experts in the country in this arena, and virtually the only company offering a history of successes in the general market along personal loans hong kong with specialized expertise in the APA community.

In today’s marketplace, the need for innovation in branding strategy has never been greater. The continually changing landscape of the business world demands that companies use the most compelling insights to keep brands relevant to their consumers. loans for people with no checking account At the Ronin Group, we help you make the critical connections that shape market intelligence into marketing strategy.

Our sole objective is to optimize results and help you achieve the best possible return on your marketing investment. We don’t waste your time. We don’t waste your money. payday loans 247 We operate on fundamentals that we’ve developed over many years, fundamentals proven to create value for your business plan.Getting to good marketing strategy does not require alchemy, but sometimes companies can use a little outside help. We won’t tell you how to run your business, fast money loans for people with bad credit but we will challenge your creativity, experience and intuition to help your business grow.

Let us enable you to see:

  • How your traditional target may not represent your biggest growth potential
  • How you can use your current staff as your company’s evangelists
  • Why the conventional loan max nh wisdom is often not the wisest approach
  • Why digging one step deeper in research will often yield the biggest results

The Ronin Group will provide you with a framework and set of disciplines that will focus your energies and resources in areas that will help your business grow and flourish