Asian-American Lifestyles

We spotted a company Fort Wayne IN cash advance selling a packaged “Asian-American Lifestyles – US” document on the ‘net the other day. Here’s a description of what they are offering:

“Evidence shows that although the Asian population is rapidly expanding in number, the demographics within it are scarcely changing. As of 2008, nearly 2 million individuals who identify as Asian were of mixed race, or 12% of the total Asian population. Eight years ago, nearly 15% of the population were of mixed race. Asians are more likely to marry within a similar social unit, making an understanding of their culture quick cash loans baton rouge paramount. Certainly, as more of them are US- born, fewer will speak an Asian language and more will participate in a variety of sectors like politics and media. Nevertheless, the number of Asian immigrants has decreased by only 1.3% since 2000, and non-US-born Asians remain the majority of the total Asian American population.

Marketers should strive to differentiate the multitudinous diverse groups within what we call “Asian Americans.” To start, businesses will need to distinguish between the ‘melting pot’ communities and ‘salad bowl’ communities.”

This report (all 89 pages of it) minimum age for payday loan costs a mere $4,000.

With the exception of the rather obvious predictions that as more APAs are American born, fewer will speak an Asian language and will become more involved in a variety of sectors, the information presented here to influence a buying decision seems to be mostly free US Census data.

Before you buy a package like this, ask yourself, “How much, if any, of this relates to my business specifically? Is there any custom/proprietary data here, or is it all public domain information? Is this worth $4,000? How much is a list of demographics going to help our marketing quick loans oklahoma city program?”

As you aim for the Asian Pacific American target, we suggest you use the following guidelines discussed in Chapter 16 of Many Cultures, One Market to help you choose who is going to assist your marketing efforts:

1. Have they studied your industry, products or services or company?
2. Do they have the abilities to analyze your marketing objectives and target audience?
3. Do they understand your company’s distribution and sales force?
4. can they analyze media choices and make the best recommendations?
5. If necessary, can they write your marketing plan?
6. Once everything is written and finally agreed upon, can they execute the plan?
7. can they provide insight into revising or adapting your strategies?
8. Do they follow generally recognized industry standards for professionalism?
9. Do they have the answer even before they think about the questions?
10. Do they have real marketing credentials?
11. What reasons do they offer to hire them, either in the absolute or in competition with others?
12. Are they recognized as marketing professionals?
13. Are they truly experts in the APA category?

Seems like a long list, but are you willing to gamble your investment without going through the right vetting process?